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"The Healing Power of Meditation"

This powerful recording consists of seven meditations and two mantras recorded by Swamiji including: Whole Body Relaxation, Heart Centering, Surrendering to Your Inner Power, Coming Home, Heart and Mind as One, Radiating Coherence, Self-Empowerment, mantras (Om Gam Gloum Namaha, Om Namah Shivaya).

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"La Puissance de Guérison de la Méditation"

Cet enregistrement puissant contient sept méditations et deux mantras enregistrés par Swamiji y compris: relaxation du corps entier, centrage dans le coeur, vous abandonner à votre puissance intérieure, retourner chez soi, coeur et tête unifiés, rayonner la cohérence, méditation de mise en puissance, et récitation de mantra (Om Gam Gloum Namaha, Om Namah Shivaya).

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Enjoy the following audio excerpts from In the Path of Light with Maa:

From the "Foreword"
"Becky and Me" - the "Holy Sheet!" story and questions for reflection
Listen to audio recordings of different programs:

Global call with Lucinda Hanover on "Passion", January 26, 2014.

Interview with Inishhowen County Radio in Cork, Ireland with presenter Marianne Ashcroft, March 30, 2012.
Part 1
Part 2

Sai Maa's Global Gathering audio webcast

Family Transformation with Swamiji (father), Leslie Morrison Faerstein (mother), and Becky Morrison (daughter), December 13, 2011. Sharing with a group in Boulder: teachings about transformation and communication, the "Love" recording of Sai Maa, meditation, chanting, and Sai Maa Diksha.
SAFE (Spirit and Faith for Everyone) phone seminar series, November 3, 2011 with Chris DiGiorgio.
Talk about my intention for my books, my first meeting with Maa and path as a Swami, lessons including about doubt, use of questions and practices in books. Q&A with listeners.